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Nov 20, 2013

accent Moisturizing Lotion and Cleansing Wash Review

 I was allowed to review accent Lotion and accent Cleansing Wash.  Both of these products help to hydrate and nourish dry, flaky skin.  accent Lotion is safe to use everyday, works for all skin types, paraben free, non greasy, fragrance free and it is non-comedogenic -which means it will not block pores.  I have been using accent Lotion for a few weeks and I love how it moisturizes my skin.

  accent Cleansing Wash is great to use before applying accent Lotion because it softens the skin and conditions it so that when you follow up with the lotion you should get the best possible results.  The accent Cleansing Wash is also safe for all skin types, paraben free and will not block your skins pores.
 accent products are available at CVS stores and online at  Suggested retail price is around $15.00 for both.

I recommend both of these accent products.  Especially this time of year when the cold dries out the skin, accent products can put the moisture back and help your skin feel soft and smooth.

*I was not monetarily compensated for reviewing these products.
*The opinions of these products are strictly my own.
*I received these products for review purposes only.

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