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Nov 21, 2013

Stonz Booties Review

  I recently reviewed the best things on the market to keep your little guys feet dry and warm during this upcoming cold weather.  Stonz makes Booties that cover your child's shoes, feet, socks and even sleepers.  These are not a sock bootie, these have a nylon, water resistant upper with a fleece lining to keep the toes and feet warm.  The soles of these Booties are rubberized.

 These Booties by Stonz also have 2 toggles that keep the booties secure at the top and in the middle.  The toggles help the Booties stay on your child's feet as they run and play.
 Booties by Stonz come in several different colors and designs, I reviewed the Booties in Alien Blue, they are adorable!

  Here are some more of the cute Booties from Stonz:

 Booties range in sizes 0 to 2-3 years and they sell for $39.99  You can check on the Stonz website to locate a store near you that sells these, and all the other Stonz products.
 I recommend Booties by Stonz to everyone with a child that has cold, wet winters.  I live in the part of Texas that doesn't get much snow but it does sleet and stay wet, so these Booties will be perfect on my grandson.  Stonz also sells Mittz, Hatz, Rain Boots, Winter Boots and extra Linerz for all these products.  I love these Booties and I can't wait until my grandson can show his off to all the neighbors in a few weeks.

*Thanks to Stonz for allowing me to review for them.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of these products are strictly my own.
*I received this product for review purposes only.

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