Jul 9, 2014

The Perfect Summer DVD Review

  The Perfect Summer is a great film for the family.  I reviewed this movie on dvd and I loved it.
  In this movie Jake, played by Adam Horner, has just lost his dad and he and his family are living in Chicago. Jake's mom decides it would be best if she moved the family to a small surfing town.  Jake is really upset about this move because he has to leave all of his friends behind.  After they do move, Jake can quickly see he doesn't fit in with all the surfers.  Jake has never been involved in any sports so surfing looks pretty hard to him.

 Jake meets a wonderful girl, Kayla, played by Katie Garfield, who is fantastic at surfing.  Jake also makes enemies and one of them is Tyler, played by J.D. Banks.  Tyler  is the town bully and he doesn't like it that Jake has become friends with Kayla.  Tyler is very jealous of Jake and Kayla becoming friends.
 Determined to go back to Chicago, Jake meets Cody, played by Jason Castros , and Cody informs Jake that Jake's grandfather, played by Eric Roberts, is a wonderful surfer. The grandfather has won many surfers competitions which makes Jake's mom worry about what Jake will end up doing with his life.

   I was so thrilled to watch this movie.  I believe it teaches people that life can get better even when we think it's over.  This film is definitely recommended to all families.  It is a "never give up", "keep the faith'', and "trust in God that things will get better", movie.

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