Jan 7, 2015

E-Cloths Review

 E-Cloths are the best cloths I have ever used.  These wonderful cloths clean with just water and they clean faster and easier than most of your traditional cloths.  The science behind the making of these cloths lets you clean many items such as: glass, wood, granite, tile, marble and just about any kind of surface.  The reason the e-cloths clean things so well is because of what they are made up of -  it’s a combination of two basic fibers, Polyester and Polyamide (a nylon by-product).

  I was amazed at how well these cloths worked.  Everything looked shiny and new after using them.  I used one to clean my shower.  The grime from the soap build - up washed off easily with just using water and the e-cloth.  This saved me a lot of time and I didn't have to use a strong chemical cleaner.

 The threads in the cloths are very small in diameter, making them ideal for cleaning because they possess far more cleaning edges to pick up dirt than any other fabric in the world.  Unlike conventional cloths, as you draw an ecloth ® across a surface, the fibers clean by breaking up, trapping and absorbing dirt, grease, oil, grime and bacteria from all hard surfaces.  The standard ecloth ® is capable of rapidly absorbing up to 7X its weight in water.
  E-cloths come in different colors and they make great gifts to give.  There are different cloths for different areas of cleaning such as ranges, or tile or glass.  Everyone has to clean so why not use e-cloths so the job will be done easier and better than regular cloths or paper towels do?

  I really recommend every home, daycare, shop, and even restaurants having a set of e-cloths.  They work great and are priced very reasonable.  Check out the e-cloth website to get a look at the different sets, and even the sales, on e-cloths.  I know you won't be disappointed in these great cloths. 

*Thanks to e-cloth for allowing me to review for them.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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