Jun 3, 2016

General Information about Macular Degeneration Review

Foundation Fighting Blindness – AMD

  Going blind as a person ages is very common.  As the elderly begin to lose their eyesight, it takes away from their independence.  Someone has to drive them, write and read their mail and basically have someone to take care of them, which can cause that person to feel less of a whole person.
  I had the best grandmother in the world.  She raised me, my sister and little brother.  She sewed all the clothes we wore and they looked as good as store bought.  My Nanny, as we called her, could cook so good that for several years she owned her own restaurant.  By the time she was 70 the cataracts on her eyes began to show and her blue eyes seemed to become a glossy gray color with a film over them.  By her 80's we had to put her in assisted living because not only could she not see out of both eyes, and she had Alzheimer's.

   The blindness hurt me terribly.  To watch such a strong, self motivated woman go from just that to a helpless being.  We lost my Nanny when she was 84 due to complications of Alzheimer's.  I can't remember the last time she was able to see me but I'm sure it hurt her as bad as it hurt me.
  There is a cure in sight for people like my Nanny.  Every year nearly 10 million American's lose their sight due to AMD (Age- related Macular Degeneration).  The Foundation Fighting Blindness, a non- profit agent, has provided funding for research for finding a cure for blindness, specifically AMD since 1971.  So far, in some cases reversing retinal disease is a reality.

  Watch the PSA video below about going blind:
  There is also packet to help prevent this disease:

   With the losing of their eyesight, grandparents can't read to their little ones or play some of the games they used to. If you will download this packet you can help spread the word about losing their sight.  
   Also, I videoed my 7 year old who gave me his view point on blindness:
   Prevention of blindness could help make so many people happier in their aging years and their families also.  Please help spread the word so that this great news gets all around the world.  Curing Blindness would be awesome!

*The opinions of this subject are strictly my own.
Many thanks to Foundation for Fighting Blindness for providing this advertising opportunity to promote solutions to those with degenerative eye disease. I did receive a small compensation for this post.

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