Jun 22, 2016

Rib Roast Rack Cave Tools Review

Cave Tools

 Cave Tools is an awesome company that I have reviewed for several times and all their products have been nothing but the best, so when I was allowed to review the new Rib Roast Rack, I was very excited.
Rib Roast Rack

   This rack is unique because you can cook a chicken, a slab of ribs, a Butt Roast or any other type of meat on it.  The flip side can be used for ears of corn, sausages or even kabobs.  Last week, I cooked a whole Pork Butt Roast and it was so tender.  Usually, I have to cook it in a slow cooker, but I was wanting a smoked, whole roast this time and this rack let me do that.  Last night I cooked Rib Eye Steaks. We turned the rack over and placed steaks between the racks and they came out so juicy and delicious.

  You can cook on this rack in the oven, on the grill, on a smoker and just place a pan underneath the rack to catch all the juices and grease.  The cleanup is very easy as well, just wash by hand or place in the dishwasher.  It will come clean very easily and will be ready to use again.

   Right now you can purchase this  Rib Roast Rack on Amazon for 15% Off: LRJMNT3A (Offer expires July10th)
   I know you will love the rack for roasting and cooking on the grill or oven.  It works really wonderful and your food will be great tasting.
   Cave Tools makes all their products to last.  This product is made from a strong stainless steel material that will last and last.  I really recommend this rack and all of Cave Tools.  The products all work just like they say they will.
      * I received this product free of charge in an exchange for an honest, written review.
      * I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
     *This review is strictly based on my own opinion.
 *Thanks to Cave Tools for allowing me to review for them. 

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