Jul 20, 2016

"Caged No More" on DVD Review

Caged No More (DVD)

   I just watched one of the best movies I have seen in a long time , "Caged No More".  This movie left me in tears and wiser to a huge problem I had never really thought much about.  Sex trafficing is taking place all across the world and maybe in your own community.  This movie deals with it very realistically and you will not be able to watch it and not be touched.
   Aggie is a cajun black woman that is a god-mother to 2 beautiful young girls.  Aggie watched as the girl's mother overdoses, but first she tells Aggie to please save her girls and that all the information is in the laptop and it explains how her husband, Jack, is involved.  Jack has been abusing the mother for years and has run off with both girls.

  Aggie has to stay true to her promise find the girls so, she looks for help from the twin brother of Jack, who is very wealthy.  Aggie gets through to them and their son Will decides he wants to go and find the girls, his cousins, and bring them home.  The laptop reveals Jack has taken Elle, the youngest daughter to Greece to sell her into the sex trafficing system.  Jack tells Elle they are going to London to see her older sister, Skye, in college.  Actually Jack has already sold Skye a few years back to the same sex system.  While in Greece Elle thinks she has been chosen for a beauty contest, this is a trap to enter the auction of her body.
  Will and Aggie go to Greece to get the girls and Aggy never looses her faith that God will get them to the girls.  She prays and prays.  Together Will and his friend buy Elle before the drug Lords can get to her and they also find Skye in the same sale and resue them both.  Will ends up killing their dad and is shot himself, but he survives and the other 25 young girls in that brothel sale are rescued as well.
  Watch a clip from the film below:
  Sex Trafficing is a real problem and we all need to become involved and help teach our daughters what to be aware of and teach our sons not to ever treat woman as sex objects.  We all also need to try and help get the word out everywhere that this horrible act could be taking place in our own communities as well as world wide and we must help.  Spread the word #CagedNoMore all across your social media!  Visit sites that help teach you how to stop human traficing PLEASE!
  I highly recommend this movie.  I would only let children at least 13 and above watch it due to the drinking, fighting and the nature of this show.  I was so touched by this movie that I plan to try and get involved.  I have 3 grandaughters and one who plans on studying abroad next year.  There are over 400 brothels in the city of Greece that this movie is filmed in and girls as young as 12 are being sold into the industry.  Watch this movie - you can purchase it on Amazon.com and several other websites online.
  I promise it will touch your heart.

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