Oct 7, 2016

"Timeless" the New NBC Drama seen on Monday Nights 10 ET/9 CT Review

  WOW! NBC has a great hit with it's new series, "Timeless"!  I watched the pilot and I am still amazed 30 minutes later at this awesome show.  "Timeless" which airs every Monday night at 10 ET/9 CT on NBC is about 3 people who are chosen to travel back in time to keep a terrorist named Flynn from ruining history.  This show stars; Abigail Spencer as Lucy, Matt Lanter as Wyatt and Malcolm Barrett as Rufus and other great actors as well.
  In the pilot episode it begins with Lucy, a college professor teaching a class when she learns her program has been cancelled and afterward she goes home to her dieing mother and sister Amy.  There is a knock at the door and it is Homeland Security telling Lucy she is needed immediately.  Shocked, Lucy goes with them and is taken to a company known as Mason .  Lucy is placed in a room with a man, and I must say a gorgeous man, named Wyatt.  Neither Lucy nor Wyatt knows why they are summoned to be there.  They are then taken into a room where they meet several people. At the beginning of the show it also shows terrorists entering the Mason company and taking a man hostage. One of the men is Flynn and he takes the man into the time machine and it leaves to go back in time. Meanwhile, Rufus is a man who knows all about the machine and he knows the man who was taken hostage is the designer of the time machine and he saw it all happen.

  Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are each told what happened and that they are needed to go back in time to 1937 when the Hindenburg crashed and exploded.  These 3 people are unbelieving as to what is happening and why they are chosen.  Lucy is chosen because she is a historian, Wyatt because he is a soldier and Rufus because he can run the machine and is a scientist.
  You can watch a clip below of this show in case you missed the premiere:

  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time this show was on and ready to see what would happen next.  I love how through the drama of this show they were still able to add some humor.  When the 3 are getting off the city bus, Rufus states how nice the back of the bus was. This was the 30's and long before segregation.  When Rufus is in jail and he tells the cop about what is going to happen in the future and he say he's seen Michael Jordon dunk, Michael Jackson sing and dance, Mike Tyson fight and OJ isn't found guilty even though everyone knows he was, but doesn't care, these lines are so funny.
  I really love these actors too.  In real life Abigail has an 8 year old son, I bet he loves her role on this show and can learn History too.  Lucy is smart and beautiful, Wyatt is a great soldier with wonderful fighting skills and definite eye candy and Rufus is funny and plays his role of a black man in the past perfectly.  I don't believe they could of chosen better actors.  I am anxious to see the connection between Lucy and Wyatt, I feel it coming.
  I am so ready to see the next episode.  Remember Flynn is still in the past trying to change history's future and we have no idea where the hostage is.  But, the next episode takes them further back to the assassination of  Pres. Abraham Lincoln and I can't wait to see it!  I am wondering why though when Lucy came back her mom was well and there was no Amy?  This worries me.

  I see "Timeless" as having a long time running and probably receiving many awards.  There is nothing on T.V. right now like this show and I must say it is a great change from the usual zombie shows.  I love it and I really know you all will too.  So, if you missed the first one, get ready for the next one this Monday night on NBC at 10 ET/ 9 CT.  It is amazing!

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