Nov 13, 2016

Launching Cruise Facts & Tips and Truths About Cruise Travel Review

  I have never taken a cruise, although I desperately want to, my husband is such a skeptic.  This book, written by Ken Rossignol is just what I needed to read so I could let my husband know all the myths and facts about things such as food, sickness,safety and what to expect on a cruise ship.
  Mr. Rossignol points out that he has been asked if he is an authority on cruises and he states that he has taken many cruises, some better than others, but they all seem to want to please their passengers.  He believes you need to go online, shop ships and see what fits your goal.  The Carnival to Cozumel is definitely for the party crowd,  they offer an all inclusive booze package.  One ship recently had an accident because of the captains negligence and one engine caught on fire, but he also stated he recently took a trip on the Carnival Miracle which was a wonderful trip.  The food, decor and entertainment was excellent.

   Another great ship that really goes all out for the passengers is the Carnival Holland -America.  This ship consists of mainly the 50 - 80 age group of people.  It is a medium ship which holds around 1,800 to 2,000 guests.  Most people dress very nice for this cruise and it is a little more pricey than most.
  If you like more of the party goers then Carnival would be your choice.  Most have buffet's, cafe's, and burger joints near the pools. The dining rooms offer Asian, Italian and beef houses offer great meals. Watch when ordering a bottle of wine, look for one's that will write your name on it and whatever you don't finish, they will bring to your room when you ask.  Also, look for servers that handle your eating utensils and food with gloves on.  You don't want to eat with forks and such that has been touched by other passengers. The Royal Caribbean is a medium line that upscale their dining experiences with remarkable menus and servers.  Their Park Cafe' is definitely a hit!  Great Panini sandwiches, soups and salads.
The Holland also served delicious foods.  The Celebrity also did a wonderful job in food prep.  One of the most upscale dining experiences was on the Carnival Miracle's Nick and Nora's Supper Club.  Ken says it was amazing.  The Windjammer is another ship known for great food, their breakfast's are remarkable. To get a  free book about which ships have the best foods, click this link :
  Are most ships safe?  That depends on the person most of the time.  It is virtually impossible to fall overboard unless you are drunk and climb, if the ship becomes very rocky, just go inside your room until it passes.  There are rails for extra safety when walking.  If you are worried about riding with rowdy groups of passengers versus a church group where you feel safer, then talk to your travel agent or check out Cruise Critics to look around and see what you can expect.
  There are some ships that go to places it would be best you stayed on board.  San Juan for one has a very high crime area.  If you get off stay in the Old San Juan area, which is adjacent to the ship.  Do not go at night.  But, the shopping through the Gates of San Juan into Old San Juan during the day is beautiful experience.
  Now to look for the cruise you can afford. Go to Cruise Critic and then to the Board of Cruise Critic.  Select the ship you plan to travel on.  Also, use the same travel agent every time because sometime after you have booked your cruise you may click on your trip and it may be on sale. This is where she comes into service. She can get you the upgrade that you alone couldn't.  Also, last minute deals are where you get your deals.  Ships want to fill up fast so they will sell rooms cheaper to fill up.
  The Holland America, Celebrity and the Carnival seem to be Mr.Rossignols favorite.  Thanksgiving and after New Years seem the best, cost wise, time to take a cruise.  But, do not pick a Christmas cruise, they are expensive.  Summertime cruises consist of children, Fall and Spring seem to have less children on board.
  The purpose of this book, and my review, is to be your advocate for cruise travel. Gone are the trips in the Mediterranean due to ISIS, booking to Europe seems to be lagging and trips to Palestine seems very unsafe due to Islamic terrorists.  But, still all in all cruises are the safest way to travel around the world and for the best price as well.  Below are a list of last minute tips:

*Book your cruise in advance and occasionally Google your trip to see if it is on sale, if so talk to your travel agent
*When you go onshore - leave money on the ship in a safe
*Have your passport and photo ID handy
*Hang around with smart friends
*Stay in crowds
On the ship:
*Stay off the rails
*Lock pricey stuff in a cabin safe
*Avoid drinking soda's -stay with tea and coffee
  Just practice these rules and check your cruise online thoroughly before you book. Look for the best prices and have a good travel agent.  Using all these tips can help you have a safe trip with wonderful memories to treasure forever.

  *The opinions of this review are strictly my own.
*Thanks to Mr.Ken Rossignol for allowing me to write this review.

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