Nov 1, 2016

"The Hybrids Family" on DVD Review/Giveaway

  I just watched the cutest movie from Vision Films, titled, "The Hybrids Family".  The Hybrids are Valenia and Blas and they are from parents that each have different supernatural powers - mom is a witch and dad is a vampire, so both children turned out as hybrids.  The kids are teenagers that live in a dusty, cold, dark castle with no friends and no chance of searching for their dreams because their parents are so overprotective of them.
  One night Blas is out walking, where he wasn't suppose to be, and a crazy guy and 2 goons try to kidnap him.  The vampire kicks in and Blas gets away after kicking their behinds.  When Blas gets home he tells his sister what happened because he is bleeding and she wants to know.  Together, they decide it is time to go out into the world and live their lives as normal teens.  So, while the parents are asleep, the kids run away to Florida where Blas wants to go to college at a film school.  He has also seen a girl from the film class online and is attracted to her.

 The parents wake to find their children gone and they become very concerned and set out to find them.  They go to the mom's mother's house.  The mother-in-law hates her son-in-law because her daughter married him and she feels she should of married a witch.  The son-in-law's father feels the same way.  The kids grandmother summons the grandfather to help find their grandchildren.
  In the meantime Valenia takes a job waitressing and she is also finding her life's dream by singing in the bar she works at.  Blas meets Marie and he enrolls in film class with her and begins helping her make a film.
  The crazy, old guy and the goons are still after the hybrids because their mother had put a curse on the old guy in the past and he plans on kidnapping them to get the curse removed.  
  The kids start living in an empty house and everything is fine until their parents show up and try to take them back home.  The kids are refusing and wanting to stay in Florida to have normal lives.
  The grandmother and the grandfather have always hated the marriage of his son to her daughter and they have never got along, but searching for the grandchildren is bringing them very close together.
  The goons accidently kidnap Maria, thinking it is Valenia.  So Blas has to go after Maria and to save her he has to tell her he is a vampire hybrid.
  Marie is trying to finish her film after Blas brings her back and they see they are meant for each other, when all the sudden the crazy guy try to kidnap Valenia and he makes quite the scene.  The teacher of the class shows up and see's all the commotion and he thinks it is all part of the film Maria is making and ends up taking the crazy guy with him and has offered him a part in movies.
  The parents still want the children to come back home with them when the grandfather appears and lets them know he made a mistake centuries ago by not accepting their mixed marriage and he tells them to let the kids have a life.
  When the movie ends, everyone is together and they watch Maria's completed film.  The grandparents are now together, Blas and Maria are together and the parents have agreed to let them be normal teenagers.  The last part is the grandfather saying, "family is all that matters" and for them to let the kids live their lives and move on.
  This was a good little movie.  There were some good actors in the film and there were some who were terrible at acting, but all in all this movie is funny and original and a liked it.  I think it would be ok for children ages 10 and up to watch in order to understand it.  I am sorry I didn't have this giveaway out before Halloween because it would have been perfect for that,  although  it is a movie you can watch any time and probably over and over so really anytime is good.
  If you would like to win this DVD please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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