Feb 16, 2017

E-Cloth Review/Giveaway

e-cloth Starter Pack
   e-cloth microfiber cleaning cloths can be used on any hard surface - in the car, the home or anywhere cleaning is needed.  Each cloth has 1.6 million strands per square inch.  This unique amount of strands is what makes cleaning with the e - cloth different from most cloths.  
   All you need to use to clean up dirt and grime is simply water. The unique fiber technology of the e- cloth lets the cloth break apart and it can pick up the dirtiest of dirt.

  The process for making the strands results in the tiny e - cloth fibers which are 1,000 times finer than cotton fibers and 1/200th the diameter of human hair.  These fibers are the smallest fibers in the world made by man.  Using these fibers can reach the tiny pieces of dirt and grime and it holds it until it is washed out.
  e-cloths can hold 7 times their weight in water.  It has also been proven that they can remove 99% of bacteria.
  e-cloth can last for many years if they are used right and this means at least 300 washes.  e-cloth can kill bacteria, but they dont recommend cleaning the inside of a toilet because you would then be transfering bacteria to other parts or the  house.
  I totally recommend e-cloth's.  They do the work they say they will do  with no scratching cars, tables, windows  or anything you use it on.  Check out their  website  for a shop near your home. Here
  Thanks to e-cloth one of my lucky readers will receive an e-cloth .  Just enter my rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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