Feb 11, 2017

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Review/Giveaway

   I believe we can all agree we live in a very stressful world.  Wouldn't it be nice to take something to relieve this stress that wasn't addictive and harmful to our body?  Well, now there is a product that is all that and more -  Natural Vitality Natural Calm.   Natural Calm is a raspberry - lemon flavored drink that promotes healthy levels of magnesium and balances calcium intake.  
  Place powder in 2-3 oz. of hot water and let it fizz, then stir until dissolved.  Fill your glass the rest of the way full with cold water and drink.  The delicious raspberry and lemon tastes great. You will not have any after taste from this drink because it mixes well and goes down smooth.
   If you are wondering how Natural Calm works it is by promoting healthy magnesium levels and it balances calcium intake.  Calcium is needed for blood clotting and magnesium keeps the blood flowing freely.  Calcium allows muscles to contract while magnesium allows them to relax.  


   The majority of us are not getting enough magnesium in our bodies.  What magnesium we do get can be easily depleted by stress.  Emotional stress takes away the balance our body needs and the right amount of magnesium.  You can only benefit by taking Natural Calm.  You never have to worry about getting too much magnesium because your body will automatically secrete the excess amount.
  I was under a lot of stress lately, so you can imagine how excited I was to see a bottle of Natural Calm in my mailbox.  I began drinking 1 glassful a day and then I began drinking two glasses.  I can feel my body relaxing about 30 minutes after drinking Natural Calm.  It doesn't make you feel weird or dizzy, you just seem to be calmer.  There are no sedatives or mind altering medicines in this product like there are in prescription meds.  This product just simply adds the right amount of magnesium and calcium we need in our bodies.  That's it!  
  There is a Natural Calm drink for Kids too.  I am definitely going to order this because I have an ADHD child and I don't want him on a prescribed medicine.  I want to see how this works on him because he has high levels of stress like I do.
  Check out their Calmful Living website for free recipes and information about how to live a stress free life.
  I highly recommend Natural Calm.  I believe my levels of calcium and magnesium must be balanced because I don't feel as worried and stressed as I did, so I will cut back to one glass a day now.  I feel this is a wonderful product and so did Healthy Living Magazine because they gave Natural Calm an award.

Natural Calm Awarded by HealthyLiving Magazine

   Natural Vitality products are sold online and at most all health and vitamin stores across the US.   A free 32-page guide to the benefits of magnesium, along with magnesium deficiency symptoms, written by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, is available as a free download at the non-profit www.nutritionalmagnesium.org
  Natural Calm was also Parent Tested and Parent Approved:

Natural Calm: Parent Tested, Parent Approved

  If you would like to try and win a bottle of  Natural Calm please enter my Rafflecopter below.  I think you will be glad you did.  Good Luck!

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