Mar 8, 2017

Faerie Magazine & Jewelry -Dragonfly Fairy Wand Necklace Review

Mini Fairy Wand Necklace - Dragonfly

  I stumbled upon a very unique and enchanting website that has the loveliest jewelry and items I have ever seen , Faerie Magazine is a magazine that comes out quarterly and it celebrated with everything enchanted from fairies to mushrooms to mermaids and dragons with magic sprinkled everywhere.
 I am a little girl at heart, that always believed in fairies and stardust,  This magazine lets you in on some beautiful pictures, recipes, home decor, craft ideas and more.
 I was allowed to choose something to review and I wanted to show all my readers the unique and gorgeous products they sell. Although I didn't choose to review one, the dragon eggs really caught my eye and I have a very imaginative 8 year old, so I plan on getting him one for his birthday,  They are so colorful and different from most of the usual gifts he gets and this is really his niche.  Boy, am I glad I found this site.  Below is a picture of a dragon eggs:

  What I did review was the Dragonfly Fairy Wand necklace.  This is an antique bronze necklace on a 20 inch chain with a lobster clasp.  It holds a 2'' dragonfly magic wand. There is a sparkling crystal in the center of the dragonfly and it is so shiny!  The cool thing about this necklace is you can unscrew the wand from the dragonfly and spread some fairy magic and then just screw it back on.  I love the beauty and imagination of this delicate little necklace.  Below my grandaughter is showing it off:

Here it is up close so you can see the beauty:

   This is just the most amazing company I have ever seen.  If you have someone you want to buy something you can bet they don't have--this is the place.  They sell jewelry, kitchen goods, spices and so much more.  Check out these beautiful measuring spoons, I bet you can't find these at any local super center. For the nature lover:

Ladybug Measuring Spoons

  Ladybug Measuring Spoons sell for only $42.00 and are made from lead free pewter.
  Find books, CD, DVD's on all kinds of stuff.  This store is unusual and full of adoring items.
  Faerie Magazine has some interesting articles and ideas.  So look no further for gifts that are so typical you hate to give, here you will find something  that everyone will be talking about forever,   Please visit Faerie Magazine and tell them mimilovesall8 sent you.   Also sign up for the magazine which is always updating and adding new stuff.  Send your friends and if you're really nice you can follow them on their Twitter: Faerie Magazine, Like on Facebook: Faerie Magazine,
Faerie Magazine on Pinterest and more than anything enjoy all their goodies!

*Thanks to Faerie Magazine for allowing me to work for them.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*The opinions of this review are strictly 100% my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.. 

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