Apr 28, 2017

Detectorsaurus Metal Detectors Review

    One of the best hobbies for our family is treasure hunting.  We live in a rural area, high on a hill, and some say it may have once been the burial grounds for the Cherokee Indians that lived all in this area of East Texas.  We have found arrow heads, parts of wagons and old, old glass.  I have been thinking about buying my grandson that is 13, a metal detector to help with his treasure hunting.  I found a wonderful site that sells metal detectors, detectorsaurus.co.uk  and other types of detectors.
  I read through their list of detectors and I have to say this company isn't trying to sell you the most expensive detector they have, because they honestly will recommend the machine that you need for the type of experience one has with the product.  This means a lot to someone who is on a budget and doesn't want to buy something that isn't right for a beginner.

  Detectorsaurus recommends the Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector for a beginner.  It is a one of their most popular sellers, for the performance and price.  It sells for 180 in British Pounds which equals around $235 in American dollars.  Not a bad price for what all this product does.

  Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

  This product features: discrimination, graphic target with LCD meter, ease of use, and great for the price.  It has a 3 pre-set detection mode and a advanced LED screen for easy identification of the target.  The Garrett Ace 150 is extra light and has a great coin depth deceptor.
  All in all this model is perfect for the beginner.  A person who has worked with detectors and is looking for a model with more features, would easily tire of this one and would need to check out the larger size such as the XP ADX150.  This one has the very latest technology such as the 9'' coil, and features a headphone transceiver and can be used with cordless headphones. 
  I know that Detectorsaurus Metal Detectors is where I will be purchasing my grandson's Christmas gift this year.  The Garrett Ace 150 sounds like exactly what he needs to begin learning all about the use of metal detecting and finding all those beautiful treasures.
  Detectorsaurus is also well known for selling: Police Radar Detectors, Electrical Wiring Detectors, Stud Detectors, Motion Detectors, Smoke & Gas Leak Detectors, EMF Detectors, Wire & Pipe Detectors and Camera Radar Detectors.  The motto of this company is to bring together all the detectors that anyone might want and compare the best detector for the person, and the job, at the best prices.  I don't think you could ask more from a company than that.

*Thanks to Detectorsaurus for working with me.
*The opinions of this product are 100% my own.

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