Apr 26, 2017

"Digimon Adventure tri. Reunion" on DVD& Blu-ray Review/Giveaway

  Japan has been fans to the Digimon series  since the beginning of 2000. Now, for the first time in North America, the classic series and where the original show left off, has came together in this reunion film.  This Combo pack of DVD and Blu-ray combines both versions - the English voice cast and the original Japanese audio with English sub titles.  Here is the new movie: Digimon Adventure tri - Reunion.

  Watch the movie trailer below to get a glimpse of the movie:

  Joshua Seth , who voiced the main character, Tai Kamiya, is back for this feature film.
 In this movie you can see it had been 6 years and Tai is now in High School.  He and the rest of the DigiDestined have crossed over to the digital world.  It has also been 3 years since the frenzied final battles between the warring factions. The gate to the Digital World closed, time continues to pass, until the digi-volves once again.
These Digimon Adventure movies will continue to be made throughout 2017.
  If  your child is a lover of all things Digimon, then please enter to win this movie giveaway below.  It is really a good movie and keep watching for future giveaways.

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