Jun 26, 2017

"A RoundAbout Way To Heaven" Review/ Giveaway


 I was lucky enough to review a book by Katie Hubbard titled, "A RoundAbout Way to Heaven" from FrontGate Blogger Network and I loved this book!  Set in the days of the depression in the U.S.,around 1929,  a father leaves his daughters a note saying he is leaving and they will have to take care of everything themselves.  There are 4 daughters, Stella, Pearlene, Dixie and Tallulah Fanning.  The girls mother hasn't spoken or been part of reality in years and one night after their father has left, the mother tries to stab Tallulah, so the girls have her committed to an asylum.  There is a big secret hanging over this family between the dad and mom and the dad was not able to forgive the mother for whatever it is. 
 This book takes you into the lives of each girl.  Stella is the oldest and supervisor of all the girls, Pearlene is the one most ready for boys, she is pretty and all the young men chase her, even the new pastor in town.  Dixie is the 3 rd daughter, she is very book smart and has a secret crush on a worker of Mr. Brown's --Silas.  And then there's is Tallulah, she is only 14, but has the body of a full grown woman and doesn't even realize her gorgeous looks.

  The town has one main resident that owns most everything in town, such as the stores and  it seems, even the people. The people all listen and do everything Mr. Brown says.  Mr. Brown takes on the Fanning girls by paying off their house, bringing them groceries each week and setting up a credit at the local store where they can buy anything they want.  The only thing is, Mr. Brown's generosity comes with a huge price.
  I don't want to ruin the main part of the story, but I will tell you it gets really interesting and there are parts that will totally shock you.  Not everyone is whom they put on to be.  The new pastor, Shep, has a lot of shocking past problems and since coming to  Apple Springs, his troubles being to multiply.
  I love this book, and I will admit some scenes are very descriptive, but this book wouldn't be the book it is without these parts.  If you are someone who doesn't like to hear about any part of sex, then you may not want to read it, but actually with out that story line  this book wouldnt be as good as it is.
  I found myself feeling the part of each girl.  It is a book you will begin reading and not put down. I read it in 2 days.  I will say one thing about this book, it ends without finishing the troubles at hand, sooooo  there must be a part 2 due out soon. 

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