Mar 2, 2011

Happy Blankie-review

Isn't this frog the cutest thing?  I reviewed a Happy Blankie just like this one pictured.  The Happy Blankie comes in several characters such as the frog (pictured here), a pig, a bear, and a puppy. 
If you decide to order a Happy Blankie you can also have them personalize it.

Happy Blankie began when, then 7 year old, David Holdridge decided he wanted to combine his little sister's two favorite toys together.  David's sister loved her stuffed animals and her blankies.  With the help of his family, Happy Blankie was soon born.  The first was a pig, Giggle the Pig was a pig with a smile from cheek to cheek.  Soon the dog, bear, and frog followed. 
David wanted to make the whole world smile through his Happy Blankie's.  So Emily, his mom, suggested they give away a blankie to a child in need everytime one was sold.  This became the "One to love-One to give" program.  Every time a child receives a Happy Blankie they can decide where they want the other blankie to go.  David and his family are making the children smile-two blankies at a time all over the world :)

Happy Blankies are being advertised all over.  They were shown on the Today Show and have been in People Magazine, US magazine and many more.

I love this blankie.  My 6 mth. old adores it and falls asleep holding it to him.  I would really recommend everyone purchasing a Happy Blankie.  It not only makes your child happy but it will make another child somewhere just as happy.

Thanks to Happy Blankie for allowing me to review for them.
I was not compensated for hosting this review.
I received a Happy Blankie for review purposes only.
The opinions of this product are strictly my own.


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