Jul 17, 2011

RepairPal review


RepairPal is a great online problem solver for car repairs.  I came across this very helpful site after my 2005 Chevrolet Silverado Truck began having a problem with the check engine light staying on.  We had taken the truck in to the local dealer and they ran a test, worked on it and said it was fixed.  The light actually did go off for a few weeks and then one day it came back on. 

One day I was online and searched for answers to car repairs.  RepairPal was one of the sites that appeared.  I  began looking around the site.  On the first page, at the bottom, is a lot of helpful areas of car info.  For instance, I clicked on the Chevrolet Car and typed in my make, model, and year.  My truck information came up and I then clicked on My Car and then  Ask A Question and typed in a question about the problems my truck was having.  The next day I received my answer.  I called my local dealer back and told them what RepairPal had suggested the solution was and took my truck in.  The machanic said that was exactly the problem and fixed the light.  It has been nearly 6mths. and the light has not came back on.  While I was on the Ask A Question site I also read many other people's questions about their car trouble.  It seems to be there are many people using RepairPal for their car problem answers.
I really do like RepairPal and all their useful information.  It is sort of like getting a second medical opinion about a health issue.  Sometimes you need to ask other car experts, like those on RepairPal, for answers and then follow up with your mechanic for repairs.
I also like that RepairPal can help anyone find a shop in or near their town.  If someone moves to a new town and has no idea on where to take their auto for repairs then they can just enter their town and zipcode and RepairPal will list all the shops in that area.
Check out RepairPal online and I feel sure you will  find all their information very helpful.

* The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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