Aug 29, 2011

How To Maintain A Good Credit Score

How To Maintain A Good Credit Score

Are you planning on buying something in the next few weeks but you don't really know where you stand as far as your credit goes?  Today you really need to have a good enough score of numbers when it comes to someone lending you money.  What is a good number?  Scores can range anywhere from 300 to 800 but the average person's usually runs from 500 to 750, with the 750 being really good.
When you apply for a loan, your bank, or whom ever your lender is, will need to check the score to see if you have any late payment history, defaults in paying and of course repossessions. 

One way to keep your score high is to always pay your loans on time.  Late payments can drop your score tremendously. Lenders will be very hesitant to lend money for anything if they notice any bad reports on your record.

Banks and other financial institutions will pull your score from 3 different sites: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.  Now there is a company that will constantly monitor your credit score with these 3 sites.  With 24/7 monitoring from these 3 bureaus they will be watching for identity theft and anyone trying to access your information and use it as theirs.  With these bureaus updating constantly, should there be a problem, you can fix it before it gets out of hand.  FreeScore. com is the newest site to help you manage your credit.  This free credit score site has all the information from the 3 bureaus. They will  give you well needed tips to help prevent any problems you may have that can mess up your score. 

Sometimes there can be errors on your reports.  This wrong information can mean your chance at getting the things you need and want. Waiting for this error to be removed can take a very long time.  This is where  takes control.  They will monitor all wrong information, watch for theft , and help guide you through the steps to maintain perfect credit.  Emails will even be sent out if there is a suspension of foul play using your social security number or any credit card number.
Why not try a free trial from right now and get a glimpse of just how beneficial this credit saving site can be.  The difference in a bad credit report and a good credit report can be more costly to your life than you really know.  Give this site a chance to make sure your future is being protected.

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