Oct 26, 2011

Happiness Is......Peanuts: Snow Days review

  As a child I always loved Fall and Christmas time TV specials.  Halloween time brought on the Great Pumpkin and Christmas time would have us all feeling so sorry for poor little Charlie Brown and his Christmas tree.  What group of television characters were in these special films? Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang is the adorable crew, created by Charles M. Schulz, that we all loved to watch every year at these times. These shows are still being played on television around the holidays today. The difference being that back in the 60's we only had 3 television channels so they were easy to find.  These days you will have to scan through your cable or satellite to catch when they air. 
  If you loved these shows then you will love this wonderful DVD with 3 individual movie's about Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Sally, Patty and the whole Peanuts gang.
  I reviewed this DVD - "Happiness Is....Peanuts:Snow Days" which was just released on October 18th.  Follow Snoopy and gang in an episode from The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show and the newly re-mastered classic "She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown" TV special all on one DVD!
"The Play," which follows Charlie Brown's reminiscing about "the most interesting Christmas ever" for a school assignment. It all starts with Lucy's idea to put on a school play at the ice rink and winds up with Linus getting signed up to sing "Jingle Bells"--never mind that he can't even sing--plus Marci scoring the role of Mary, Peppermint Patty being forced to play a sheep against her will, Sally struggling to remember a single line, Snoopy being paired up with Lucy as her skating partner, and Charlie Brown getting stuck finding a way to pay for all the props they need for the production. Naturally, everything that goes wrong somehow turns out to be all Charlie Brown's fault. "Sweet Babboo" is all about Sally's devastation when she doesn't get a Valentine's Day card from Linus, and "Snoopy's Story" is Peppermint Patty's effusive essay about Snoopy, the most amazing animal she's ever seen, and the unexpected praise her essay-writing efforts earn.
  What memories these 3 tales bring back to me.  Now I can share them all over again with my grandchildren.  So grab some hot chocolate,some blankets and get ready to snuggle up to those children and watch this great DVD.
  Run Time: 135 minutes
  Own it on DVD today.
 This movie is a Warner Bros. Production

*I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received the product for review purposes only.
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