Feb 20, 2012

ChainMail-Jewelry review/giveaway Closed!

ChainMail - Jewelry from Woodbury Wares
review/giveaway Closed!

I reviewed the cutest bracelet from ChainMail Jewelry.  This bracelet is called "Flowers In A Cage" and  it is red and black.  The materials used to make the jewelry are lightweight, bright and colorful. The colors layer on anodized aluminum is fairly hard, but can be scratched with hard metal, such as keys. Bright aluminum has been cleaned and chemically treated, because regular aluminum leaves a black residue on skin and other objects.  It also does not contain nickel!

Diana Woodbury is the owner and designer of her jewelry.  She uses nothing but the best materials and takes great pride in her family as well as her jewelry.  This wife of 11 years and mother of 2 boys lives in Michigan where she makes and sells this jewelry from her home.
How did Diana come up with the name "ChainMail Jewelry"?  The words chainmail, chain mail, and chainmaille, all derive from the French word maille which means "stitch." Chainmail is the more accepted spelling, and you won't find "chainmaille" in an English dictionary. However it is a spelling widely used among jewelry makers to invoke the spirit of chainmaille jewelry- the linking or stitching together of hundreds of tiny rings to create a truly unique piece of art. Chainmaille stitches are also known as weaves. It's kind of like knitting with pliers. It's also been called jump-ring jewelry."
The "Flowers In A Cage" weave is a beautiful linked design.  This custom handpainted design is 16g and is closed with a lobster clasp.  It sells for $16.00 and comes in sizes 6inch,7inch & 8inch.  If you want different colors then just let Diana know.

Woodbury Wares also sells necklaces, earrings, ankets, keychains, belts and so much more.
Diana ships all small items by USPS First Class and Priority Mail at this time. Most items ship within 4 business days of receiving the order; remember, these are custom, handmade items!
You really need to check out all the chainmail jewelry Diana sells because it is unique and made very well.
If you would like to own a Flowers-In-the-Cage bracelet like the one pictured then please enter my giveaway below. Good Luck!

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