Feb 26, 2012

The Drain Claw from BadCat Solutions review/giveaway Closed!

from BadCat Solutions

The #1 reason for a clogged bathtub drain is hair. We lose about 100 hairs a day and most while taking a bath or shower. The hairs get caught on the crossbars at the opening of the bathtub drain and accumulate until it slows or causes a clogged drain. Under the stopper, the bracket also catches and traps hair.

The Drain Claw from BadCat Solutions is the easiest and best way to unstop your drains and to remove that built up hair.  To remove the hair simply insert The Drain Claw into the drain, working your way around the opening or stopper and giving it a twist. With over 100 small interlocking hooks, The Drain Claw will grab hair and allow you to pull it out.

Watch the video to see how the Drain Claw works:

I used the Drain Claw on my bathroom sink that is always slow draining.  It worked amazingly and removed pieces and pieces of hair.  I was so surprised at all the hair it got out of that drain!  Now water runs smoothly down the drain.

Save $$$ with The Drain Claw

• Stop using dangerous chemicals
• Use The Drain Claw over and over
• Safest-Easiest tool to unclog a slow or clogged bath drain
There is no better way to open a clogged drain caused by hair. The Drain Claw is the GREENEST drain cleaner.

I would definitely recommend every home owning one of these Drain Claws.
You can order 3 packs of Drain Claws for $14.99  or one of them for $6.99 online at their official website.
If you would like to try one of these claws them enter my rafflecopter below and good luck!

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