Feb 17, 2012

Me Giant Childrens Clothes review/giveaway Closed!

Me Giant Childrens Clothes
review/giveaway Closed!

 I recently reviewed clothing for children from one of the most unique stores online.  This store has an even more unique name - "Me Giant".
 What is Me Giant?

me – me, myself and I ( especially in the mind of a child)
giant – a person or thing of unusually great size, power or importance.
Hence, Me Giant – Me, Me, Me…sure to melt heart and test your patience.
They believe that even the smallest of things can encompass giant style and that children are no exception when it comes to great design, sophisticated decor and chic apparel.

“Me” Beliefs:
Life is too short
Laughter is the best medicine
Kids make life better (not easier, but better)
Being giant on the inside is more important than being giant on the outside
Boys are made of snips, snails and puppy dogs tails
They are committed to high-quality design, safe products, exceptional customer care and small things with giant style.

 I just love the look of the unusual pairing of the animals with the different sounds written out beside the animal.  For instance the Me Giant bird says "woof", the rooster says "moo", and the dinosaur says "ribbet ribbet".  Then there are the other sayings such as "This Little Piggy Went" and "Bed Bug".
 I reviewed the darling Baby Creeper of the dog that says  "Oink".  These Baby Creepers are 100% cotton, available in long and short sleeve and it comes packaged in an adorable metal lunchbox.  How special is that?! 
 These sets sell for $25 and come in sizes 3-6 mths. to 12 mths.
Me Giant also sells Baby Bibs, Infant Hats, and Kids T-Shirts.
I would definitely recommend Me Giant for all your children's clothing.
If you want to win a clothing item from Me Giant then please enter my giveaway below and Good Luck!!!
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  2. I think 'Me Giant' is one of the most unique stores online. Above every t-shirts looking so amazing with put on different animals. I like buy it this store.

  3. Peanut Baby Creeper :)


    (SHAYNA B.)

  4. I like the Dinosaur shirt the best.

    cgclynsg0 @ gmail dot com

  5. My favorite is the Oui Oui Says The Poodle Baby Creeper.


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