Feb 24, 2012

Pretzel Crisps review/giveaway Closed!

Pretzel Crisps  Closed!
Pretzel Crisps are the newest way to eat pretzels.  These flat, lightweight chips are great tasting.  Snack Factory sells these wonderful Pretzel Crisps in many flavors.  There are Original, Buffalo Wings, Everything,Chipolte, and many more varieties of flavors.
Pretzel Crisps are perfect for dipping and perfect for adding other foods on top of them.  Because these chips are flat, you can add anything you want to them. 

Classic Pretzel Chips do not have as many calories as some chips have.  Pretzel Crisps have 0g's of Fat and 110 calories whereas Tortilla Chips have 7g's of Fat and 140 calories.  This makes Pretzel  Chips great for weight continence people. 
These awesome tasting chips are definitely not just for those who are watching their weight.  They tastes as full of flavor as any other chip on the market.
I love Pretzel Crisps and I recommend them to every home everywhere.
Pretzel Crisps are sold across the U.S. in WalMart, Krogers, Piggly Wiggly, Whole Foods, Albertsons and many more stores.

If you would like to win some bags of these delicious tasting pretzels then enter my giveaway below.  Good Luck!!!

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