Feb 28, 2012

TigTagz 4Kids ID Bracelets review/giveaway Closed!


Are you a mom or grandmother who is terrified of your child possibly getting lost or kidnapped?  I am so scared that one of these things could happen that I stay away from the mall or any large shopping centers when the kids are with me.  If you watch the news there is constantly a child abduction somewhere.
Thanks to a mom who cared enough about her children to design and make these TigTagz Bracelets to help her children and other children.  Her 4yr. old was having a hard time remembering her home phone number so she wrote it all down on the bracelet.  This mom told her children if they were lost to find another mom and show her the bracelet.  What a great idea to help keep your child safe!

There are so many darling designs and  I know you will love all that you see!!!!!
These are just a couple of their darling TigTagz designs.  There are also monkeys, dinosaurs, safari animals, butterflies and so many more.  TigTagz also sells bracelets for special causes like diabetes, which notifies others if the child should become ill.

TigTagz are water resistant, tear proof and sweat proof.  When you place the bracelet, from TigTagz ,on your child's wrist you can rest assured that it will stay on.  Just simply write your child's name, phone number and other info, onto the bracelet with a permanant marker. 
So no more shying away from busy places or large crowds.  With TigTagz your child will be protected.  Hopefully your child will not get lost but if they should, with the TigTagz on they will be super safe!

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