Mar 10, 2012

Basa Body Coconut Scented Lotion review/giveaway Closed!

Basa Body Coconut Scented Lotion
review/giveaway Closed!

Basa Body was created as a social for-profit company designed to help create economic opportunities and wealth for Kenyan women at the base of the economic pyramid so they can pull themselves out of poverty for good.
The Basa Body story began with a trip to Kenya where this group connected with wonderful, intelligent women working hard to feed their families. Their small-scale enterprise was called Coast Coconut Farms, where they produced organic virgin coconut oil by hand.

Determined to find a way to help them grow their business and tell their story, the group came home and created Basa Body, named after the women of Mombasa, Kenya, where the coconut oil is produced. Basa Body maintains strong ties to their partners at Coast Coconut Farms in Kenya, and they are pleased to report that CCF is profitable, sustainable, and impacting countless women and families.
I reviewed for Basa Body and not only do I love the Coconut Scented Body Lotion, I also love the story behind their company.  Helping those less fortunate is a great concern of mine and this is exactly what Basa Body is all about.

Watch this YouTube clip on the benefits of using coconut oil.

Basa Body lotions come in 3 scents - Coconut, Mountain Berry and Natural (unscented).
They also sell Coconut Oil Body Stick, Lip Butter, Facial Serum and Coconut Oil Body Stick.
All these great products can be found online.  This wonderful company is based out of Orem,Utah.
Basa Body is also committed to donating 10% of all company profits to humanitarian projects that empower women and lift up children in Africa and the United States. This is a very large percentage for a company to give, but as a social business, they feel honored to help the very types of women upon whom this skin care business is built and for whom it is named.
I really recommend this Coconut Scented Body Lotion to everyone.  The scent is so tropical smelling and fresh, and the lotion dissolves so great into the skin.  It is not greasy and stays on well.  If you would like to own a bottle of Basa Body Lotion in one of the 3 great scents then please enter my giveaway below.  Also, please help spread the word about this amazing company and their story.  Thanks and Good Luck!

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