Apr 11, 2012

Medicine Mama - Baby & Mama and Bee Wand review/giveaway

Medicine Mama - Baby & Mama and Bee Wand

Mosquito's are already taking over our yards here in East Texas, feasting on the blood of my grandchildren.  Nothing seems to help the bites that they get from these horrible pests.  After scratching and clawing the bites, some of them begin to get infected. 
I was asked to review for Medicine Mama and her Baby & Mama cream and the Bee Wand.  The Bee Wand came at just the perfect time. I used the Bee Wand on every mosquito bite and after a few days the bites seem to be drying up and not as red as they once were.  I like the Bee Wand because you never have to touch the medicine. You just glide the wand over the bites and the cream goes on very, very easy.

Medicine Mama combined the original formula of Sweet Bee Magic with added organic beeswax and vitamin-rich avocado oil to create an all-purpose healing wand that you can take on the go.

Made with:
purifying propolis & honey blend
protective beeswax
nourishing extra virgin avocado oil
moisturizing extra virgin olive oil
This awesome product helps aid in the healing of:
Chapped Lip Remedy
Shaving Burn Care
Daily Moisturizer
Overnight Skin NutritionCold Sore Relief
Cut Scrape & Bite Relief
After-sun Support
Rash, Burn & Scar Repair
Medicine Mama uses the process the bee's uses.  Honey Bee's gather their raw material from nature. They deposit and seal their magical substances into the comb.  Medicine Mama makes magic by taking the bee's wax and mixes the ingredients together to make the Sweet Blessed Bee Magic.

Another great product that Medicine Mama makes is their Baby & Mama cream.  This cream protects baby's skin from irritating rashes caused by bacteria, heals and nourishes chafed skin and is great for after bath use.

Baby & Mama protects against and reduces signs of stretch marks. 
Helps maintain skin’s elasticity during pregnancy, birth & postpartum.
Soothes sensitive skin from nursing.
I think these products are awesome!  They work great and the cost of these products are very reasonable.  The Bee Wand sells for $12.95 and the 2oz. of Baby & Mama sells for $19.95  You can purchase these and other Medicine Mama products online at their website. 
Medicine Mama’s Apothecary promises a 100% product satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
I would definitely recommend you buying these products.  The Bee Wand is great to have on hold should you ever have bug bites, scrapes or any small skin problems.
If you would like to win one of the two products I reviewed then enter my giveaway on rafflecopter.  Good Luck!

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