Apr 2, 2012

Spoonful of Comfort Chicken Soup review/giveaway Closed!

I was raised to believe that chicken soup was the cure all for anyone with the flu, a cold and just for feeling terrible.  I continued this same tradition with my children. 
There have been tests showing that chicken soup can inhibit inflammation of the cells in the nasal passage which reduces the symptoms of a cold.
Chicken soup has also been found to contain an amino acid that is similar to a drug used to treat some respiratory infections.
Spoonful of Comfort was formed after the owner of this company,Marti, found out her mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  Marti decided she would send her mother some chicken soup because she lived so far from her and she felt the soup would be a comfort.  Soon afterwards her mom passed and the idea to help others in their times of need was developed.

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Spoonful of Comfort will send your loved one, sick friend, college student missing home, whomever you just want to say, "I'm here for you" to.
That special person will receive a 64 oz. of fresh, old-fashioned chicken noodle soup decoratively packaged and surrounded by fresh baked goods.  6 homemade rolls and 6 delicious  oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookies can be added to your gift basket.
I absolutely loved this soup! It was so much like my very own. I loved the chunks of all white chicken, the noodles and carrots, and the down home seasonings. I believe this idea of sending the soup to those in need is a wonderful way to show you care.
I would recommend you checking out all the reasons to purchase Spoonful of Comfort, and all the extra's they sell, on their website.  There are other products you can order as well as the one's I listed.
A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of Spoonful of Comfort chicken noodle soup will go to Cancer Research - by way of a memorial gift to celebrate the memory of my mother, Mona Bowes. The American Cancer Society's mission is to prevent cancer, save lives, and diminish suffering from this disease.
Your proceeds will immediately support lifesaving cancer research, education, advocacy, and patient service programs.
Would you like to send a jar of a 64oz jar (4-6 servings) of Spoonful of Comfort Chicken Soup, rolls and cookies to someone you know?
Enter my rafflecopter below for a chance to win this awesome tasting soup, rolls and cookies.  Good luck!!

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