May 20, 2012

Bwarm – massage candle review

Bwarmmassage candle

EdenFantasys is a great shop for all your adult wants and needs.  Not only do they carry adult toys, they also sell lingerie, body, face and lip make-up and more.  A great product that I personally love from EdenFantasys is their massage candles.  These candles have wax in them that is low temp and made just so that, when melted, the oil can be massaged on to the body perfectly.
I especially like the Bwarm massaging candle.  This candle serves 2 purposes: 1) as a beautifully, sweet scented candle for your home and 2) a wonderful massage oil candle.
This pink candle is the Patchouli /Rose fragrance. It smells so light and natural, just right to get any room smelling wonderful.  This scent is not over bearing and it will burn for around 10 hours.
When heating the candle to be used as a massage oil, just melt the candle and after the soy wax has set a few minutes,  pour the oil from this specially shaped holder, on to the skin.  This soy wax is designed to be perfectly safe for the body.  It massages perfectly into the skin, leaving the whole body smelling and  feeling soft and completely relaxed.
Bwarm is made with :
Coconut oil/wax, soy oil/wax, shea butter, palm wax, beeswax, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin e oil, fragrance. This candle comes in 3 fragrances.
Bwarm is great for bridal showers, massages, relaxation, for a wedding gift and just because. 
The plus side of the warm massage candle is the great scent, leaves the skin feeling soft after the massage and it is a wonderful relaxer.
The negative side of Bwarm is there will only be enough for 1-2 massages.
 If you are looking for wonderful adult products then please check out all the unique products that EdenFantasys has and check in to the Bwarm massage candle, you will like their products I feel certain.
*I was not monetarily compensated for doing this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.


  1. Massage oils are very common these days but I am always afraid to buy them because I heard that most of them are not herbal.

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