May 21, 2012

Help Kickstart the New Morphology Jr. Board Game

Help Kickstart the New Morphology Jr. Board Game
Awhile back I reviewed a great game called "Morphology", this is a really fun and different game.
Now the maker of Morphology has another game soon to be released to the public called "Morphology Jr."
Morphology Junior takes all the fun of the "original" game and adapts it to younger players (target age: 8+.) In order to move their frog-pieces from the "Start" lilypad to the "Finish," Morphologists must put on their creative thinking-caps to build words like "bike" and "snow" using the 35+ game pieces provided (see below for details). The game mixes some "original" Morphology rules like "Everybody Play" and "Pick 5" with some new adaptations, including "Morph" (where the Morphologist becomes a piece in the game) and "Ribbit, Ribbit" (where the Morphologist can make noises to help his/her teammates guess the right word).

You can help kickstart Morphology Jr. by donating  towards the $15,000 they need to get Morphology Junior off the ground. Of course, the more you give, the better your reward will be!  For instance, if you donate $10 they will send you 10 Morphology postcards and your name will be listed on the wesite as a contributor.  The more you donate the larger the prize value becomes.
Every dollar counts to help get this game out on the market.  Here's how to donate:

•Find the "back this project" on the top of this page (right-hand side). Click it.
•Enter a donation amount, and pick your prize tier. Click "continue".
•You'll be directed to Amazon to check out. If you have an Amazon account, sign in. If you don't, choose "I am a new customer" and enter an email address to launch an account.
•Follow the directions to complete your donation.
Spread the word. Word of mouth is key for Kickstarter projects, so don't hesitate to mention them to your friends (or your enemies!).
Find them online: Like on Facebook or follow  on Twitter for updates on the Kickstarter project, fun daily guessing games and more. Share their page (and the campaign) with your online friends! (Don't have Facebook or Twitter? Check out their website, their YouTube channel or their Pinterest account.)

Morphology is a fun game and I can't wait to review Morphology Jr.

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  1. Thanks for the help! We raised the full amount needed!


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