Sep 13, 2012

Celebrate With Hersheys

Celebrate With HERSHEYS
On Halloween Blvd.

It's that time again---Fall,Football Season, cool nights and Halloween!!  We love Halloween at our house and part of loving it includes making cool, fun crafts with the kids.
This year, thanks to HERSHEYS, my grandchildren and I made some really cool crafts.

I bought a bag of small pumpkins at WalMart and let the children paint each one.  While the paint was still wet, they added glitter.  We let this set for about an hour and then they added buttons,ribbons,clips and other craft objects

Some of the other crafts were made were ghost suckers.  Using a candy sucker, white tissues and a black marker.  I made these with Jolly Rancher suckers from Hershey.
Here is the outcome:

Another craft we made was a Candy Corn Picture from construction paper, wiggly eyes and the kids can hang these around the house or decorate a table with them.

All these crafts were fun and easy to make.  They were all very kid friendly and the children really loved making them.
All craft supplies can be bought at WalMart or your local craft store.
These cute and scary crafts will make every house on your HERSHEYS BOO BOULEVARD fun and ready for those trick-or-treaters!

 I am participating in the HERSHEY’S BOO BLVD. campaign via Mom Bloggers Club. This post was sponsored by HERSHEY'S. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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