Sep 11, 2012

KushyFoot Sandals To Go review

Sandals To Go

KushyFoot sent me a very comfortable pair of white sandals.  These sandals came in cute little platic pouch.  When I saw the size of the pouch, I couldn't believe that a pair of sandals big enough to fit me were in there.  But I was wrong.  I pulled the Sandals To Go out of the plastic pouch and tried them on, they fit perfect.

These sandals are so flexible and thin that they just folded up perfectly in the pouch.  The Sandals To Go are great for sore heels, blistered and scrunched up toes.  I put the sandals on at the end of the day and after wearing them for an hour or so, my feet felt really comfortable.  I almost forgot I was wearing them.  The 3-dimensional wavy sole cushions and massages the foot as the wearer walks-perfect for indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces.

They slip neatly and easily into their owner's purse,gym bag, suitcase or any other item to carry them in.   The clear plastic carrier with its own little handles makes this easy.
These Sandals To Go also come in the color Slate.  They sale for the low price of $9.99 and they fit sizes 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10.
Another awesome product that KushyFoot sent me was the Yoga Socks.  These individual, open at the end of the toe, socks are perfect for wearing to your Yoga or Exercise class.  These socks come 3 to a pack and sell for $13.47.  They come in black or tan and one size fits all.

If you would like to own any of the many socks and footwear from KushyFoot, just visit the website to order online or you can check on the website for retailers near you.

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