Oct 3, 2012

Ozeri Kandle LED Book Light review


I was ecstatic to get to review a Ozeri Kandle LED Book Light.  Finally someone came out with the perfect book light for my Kindle!  The Kandle will work great on Sony Readers and other E Readers too. The WideLip grip attaches perfectly to the top of the reader and doesn't block the screen.  The LED lights are not too bright but bright enough for you to see the words well without causing eye strain. The Kandle can also be used as a free standing night light.  Great for bedtime reading, in the car or anywhere you want to read and not disturb others.
The Ozeri Kandle comes with a great little case to store it when not in use.
I love my Kindle and I love to read, but finding the perfect light was definitely a problem until I reviewed this light.  Most of the lights I tried wouldn't clip on right and would snap off.  They also were bulky and to bright causing my husband to throw a fit.  I read a lot at night and my husband would be sleeping great until I turned on my other make-do book lights.  They would be so bright he would wake up insisting I turn it off. Urgggg! You other readers know how discouraging that would make you.
Well, no more worries because this Ozeri Kandle is fantastic!  I love the just right light and the size is great also.  Now I can read at night for hours and not disturb Grumpy! hahaha

If you would like to buy this wonderful Ozeri Kandle just check with Amazon online and for the great price of $40 it can be yours.
I am very sure you will be delighted with your Kandle as much as I am with mine.

* Thanks to Ozeri for allowing me to review this great product for them.
* The opinions of this product are strictly my personal opinions.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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