Nov 5, 2012

Burton the Scarecrow Book review/giveaway


Burton the Scarecrow - Friendship Tales from the Farm series by V.A Boeholt is a delightful book of friends and their fun times in Farmer Green's garden.  This book is the first in the series of friendship tales.  V.A Boeholt relives his years growing up around this kind of life and through it he brings to life Burton the Scarecrow.
Burton is a scarecrow who's job is to watch over a large garden.  Burton loves his job but he get's so lonely.  One day mice appear and Burton asks the mice if he can help them.  They want a hollowed out pumpkin for a winter home.  Burton tells the mice to leave the pumpkin alone and to take his hat instead.  The mice do this.  Along comes more animals needing parts of the garden to keep them warm this winter and once again Burton tells them to leave the vegetables alone and take something from him.  Before long Burton is only a shirt with a head and arms.

Spring arrives and Farmer Green see's Burton is all gone so he decides to build another scarecrow and throw the left over pieces of Burton away.  The animals overhear this and decide to rebuild Burton.  The animals fix Burton up good as new.  Farmer Green builds a new scarecrow, a girl, and keeps Burton as well.
Burton is so excited to be new again and to also have a new friend.  Together the 2 scarecrows begin watching over the garden.
This story teaches your children to give un-selfishly to others.  Sometimes we must do without to help others who are in need.  Just like Burton did.  In the end we will all be happy and everything will be back like it once was.  Burton teaches your children to have  good character and to do good to others.
I love this book and I am excited to begin my new collection of the rest of the series.
If you would like to win this 1st book in the series then enter my rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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