Nov 4, 2012


I received 2 gorgeous bottles of nail polish from the Megan Miller collection.  When I began to do this review I was reading up on the ingredients in this nail polish and what surprised me more was what was NOT in this nail polish.  I can't believe how harmful these ingredients can be and I am so glad they are not in the Megan Miller products.
1) Dibutyl Phthalate or DBP-This chemical is a plasticizer that makes nail polish flexible.  It can do damage to kidneys and the liver. It can be harmful to a unborn fetus and harm the males testes.
2) Tollune- This chemical is used as a solvent.  It can cause liver damage and skin irritation, it can effect the kidneys and cause birth defects.
3) Formaldehyde- assists in the hardening of nails.  It has been linked to cancer and cause watery eyes, labored breathing and headaches.
These are some horrible ingredients that some nail polishes contain.  With Megan Miller products you get a great name polish that gives you confidence and a beautiful look. 
Everything about Megan Miller is great.  The Bottle is custom designed and the Brush is the best on the market. With a 220 strand professional brush.  It puts the polish on with the smoothest coverage.  The Cork gives each bottle a specific look and it is easy to grip.  The Raffia used to make the necktie is 100 % natural.  
The nail products colors look so pretty.  

The colors I reviewed were:

This color is inspired by the colors of the water in the Caribean.
This covering is rich like that of a chocolate cake.  Beautiful!
I love both these colors.  They will look so good this fall with my darker colored clothes.
Megan Miller nail polish is drastically different from your average nail covers.  It is made well and dressed perfect.  I love this product and look forward to buying more of the collection.
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