Jan 10, 2013

Funbites review/giveaway


Funbites are the new fun way to eat! Do you have a picky eater in your home? Well, try the Funbites food cutter and that picky person may be so excited to eat their fun shaped foods that they will forget they didn't like it.
I was super excited when Funbites let me review their Heart food cutter.  With Valentines Day parties at school coming up I thought this food cutter would be great to use. 
 Funbites lets you cut fruit, breads, pancakes, cookies and just about anything into fun size bites.  What a great way to add those vegetables to a sandwich.  Cut them out into small bites and watch your little ones enjoy eating them.

My grandson's and I made jelly sandwiches and they loved using the heart cutter to make fun bite sized pieces to eat.

In the last picture you can see Brice showing you what the pieces will look like when pushed through.  This product is so fun to use and it lets the kids become more involved with making their own foods.
Funbites are also great to use when cutting up food for a baby too.  The pieces of a vegetable or fruit will be just the right size for little fingers to grasp onto.
Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to use Funbites:

Funbites is 100% BPA free, made in the USA and is dishwasher safe.
I can't wait to make a fruit, vegetable and bread tray for Brice's Valentine school party.  I just know the children will love the heart shaped foods.
Funbites comes in 2 shapes - Hearts and Squares.  You can purchase each set for $12.99 a piece or buy 2 at once for $22.
Visit the Funbites website to purchase these cool products and to get Free Shipping enter the word valentinefun as the code.
If you would like win a set of your choice- the heart or square cutters from Funbites- then enter my Rafflecoper below.  Good Luck!
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