Jan 8, 2013

Santalia Daily Balancing Serum for Acne review


Santalia is a wonderful skin care company that uses Sandalwood,in their ingredients, to help others have beautiful, healthy skin.  Sandalwood has been around for centuries and has been proven effective when controlling bacteria, stopping inflammation and restoring balance to the skin.
Acne is a complex skin disorder that results in the formation of painful and unsightly lesions on the face, back, chest and other parts of the body.  Santalia uses Sandalwood and a active ingredient, Salicylic Acid, to target the infected areas of the skin.

After using Santalia Daily Balancing Serum for Acne for 1 week, 47 teens and adults, say their skin looked and felt better.  After 8 weeks, they said there was a 89% improvement in their skin.
My daughter suffers from acne and she began using this Acne Serum a week ago and she said she can already see a huge difference in her skin.
Santalia Daily Balancing Serum for Acne is sold on the Santalia website and so are all other Santalia skin products.
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I have seen first hand how Santalia's Acne Serum works and I can tell you it does improve the appearance of your skin.  I believe you will like these products if you give them a try.

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