Mar 3, 2013

Colief Infant Baby Drops review /giveaway


 Having a baby can be so much fun. Snuggling, holding them, and feeding them are the best times ever.  But a lot of moms don't get to enjoy much of these bonding times.  These moms are usually so tired from lack of sleep that the try to let baby sleep as much as possible.  Colic is the cause of most of these babies problems. They cry when you hold them, cry when you don't, cry for food and even cry after being fed.  Colic is so hard on a mom and it is so hard to spend a lot of time with the baby when you both are basically exhausted.
I have a friend who has a newborn baby, who also has colic.  She told me she was about to lose her mind.  I told her about the new product called Colief.  She said she would definitely try it because nothing else seemed to work. 
I saw my friend and her beautiful baby about 1 month later and they both looked so happy.
(Gloria), my friend,stated to me that Colief is truly a solution for babies with the colic.

Here's how is all began:
 Colief® Infant Drops are the result of a desperate mother, searching for a solution to her baby's constant crying. She turned to her doctor for help with her baby. But she wouldn't accept "It's just colic" as an answer - she wanted a solution. They determined that the cause of her daughter's problems could be digestive and linked to a lactase enzyme deficiency. The doctor remembered seeing a product containing lactase enzyme being sold to adults in the United States. When added to milk, it allowed people with lactase deficiency (or lactose intolerance) to consume milk or dairy products without unpleasant side effects.
It occurred to the mother that this lactase enzyme product could be specially formulated for babies with this temporary deficiency that is clinically referred to as transient lactase deficiency. The result: Colief® Infant Drops. An initial hospital trial in Ireland showed that the product had a pronounced effect on babies with colic. The trial was small, but the results were significant and were published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics in September 1998. The results showed a significant reduction in crying time when lactase enzyme was added to the baby's milk hours before feeding. These results were confirmed by a subsequent, larger trial at a hospital in London, which was published in October 2001.
So what started as one mother's determined search for a solution to her infant daughter's suffering has resulted in the development of a product that has the potential to improve the quality of life for many babies, their parents, and their families. Colief® has been available in the UK and Ireland for more than 15 years and is now available in the US.
What a wonderful product Colief is!  Mom's with colicky babies will be so happy knowing their is relief out there.
Colief can be found in stores near you, some of these stores are : Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.  Go to this link and print a $2.00 off coupon.
I believe that Colief is a great product to help your baby with the symptoms of colic.  And I feel sure mom's everywhere will love the way it works :)
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