Mar 4, 2013

The Little House That Stood DVD review/giveaway


VeggieTales always has the best movies for children.  Every movie is Christian inspired and most are based on a Biblical character or a Biblical situation.  With this newest movie, "The Little House That Stood" 3 little pigs come to Cabbageville to build some new houses.  
Just as Jesus tells us to follow God's word and to use his plans as our guide for our lives, the pigs in this story, have no clue as what to do.  The trouble soon begins when the 1st little pig decides to do things his own way.
Larry decides to build his house with hay.  Mr. Lunt uses bricks  and the 3 rd pig, uses sticks.  Bob, the builder tells them they should of used the Master Plan.   That is the right way to do things.

This story represents the Biblical story of the 3 men, 2 who wouldn't listen to God's words.  They built their  homes on bad foundations and soon their homes were washed away.  The last man listened and read God's instructions for a strong and good standing home, and life.
I love how the VeggieTales are able to teach children God's word through cartoon characters.  This is such a darling movie with funny characters and great music,
I feel like every child would love this movie or any other movie from VeggieTales.
If you would like to try and win a copy of this DVD, then enter my Rafflecopter below.  I just know your family will love it!

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