Mar 6, 2013

Tom and Jerry - Pint Sized Pals reviewgiveaway


Warner Bro.'s has done it again with another great Tom and Jerry adventure.  This time the story is titled "Pint- Sized Pals".  Tom really has his hands full with all of Jerry's little buddies.
Just released yesterday, this film has 30 short cartoons, some being legendary classics.
In this movie you can watch the crazy characters drive Tom bonkers.  Some of these pint sized pals are Nibbles, Tuffy, Quackers and Tyke.  Spike, the all time favorite bulldog, is united with his precious pup, Tyke, in several shorts like: "That's My Pup" and "Hic-cup Pup".
Nibbles is the "always hungry" mouse that helps his pal Jerry turn the kitchen into an ice- skating rink and other mischievous antics.

Watch a clip of one of the funny videos included on this DVD.  It is titled, "Hurdles"

You and your family are sure to love this hilarious Tom and Jerry DVD. These two crazy acting characters have been keeping us laughing for ages and hopefully will be doing so in the years to come. My grandsons love this Tom and Jerry movie and all the other ones they've watched.  If you like Tom and Jerry like we do and would love to own this DVD then enter my Rafflecopter.  There will be 2 winners :)
Good Luck!

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