Mar 11, 2013

Consultant Product from Kristen Peters review/giveaway

Are you feeling depressed, sluggish and just plain out of shape lately?  I know these 50's are starting to take a toil on me and I am really going through some changes in my body and mind.
I met, (online), a lady who can really get us all to feel better physically and mentally.  This person is Kristen Peters and she is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Aromatherapist.  I have been studying her page and reading all about the things she has learned that are really bad for us and about the good things we can put in, and on our bodies.
Kristen was like so many of us, depressed, addicted to food and drugs and overweight.  She decided now was the time to fix herself and she did.  Kristen is excited to spread the news on how we can do the same thing.

Watch the video below to learn more:
As I said before, Anxiety has really been a bother of mine lately and I knew I didn't want to subject my body to harsh over-the-counter or strong prescription pills.  I asked Kristen what was good and she sent me her Anti-Anxiety Cream which she makes herself.  None of Kristen's products set on the shelf.  She makes the products as needed so they are fresh.
The Anti- Anxiety Cream is made from Lavender, R. Chamomile,ylong-ylong,  vegetable glycerin, emulsifying wax, Jojoba oil, distilled water.  It came in the mail over a week ago and I have applied it several times since it came.  I can feel the calming affect and I don't seem to feel  the anxiety I did have in certain situations. 

Kristen welcomes you to contact her for a free consultation and through this she can work with you to try and heal your problems safely.  If it is a digestive problem you are having she can also work with you to rid yourself of the bad foods that can hinder this.  She is also known for her wonderful mists and oils.  Nothing is made for you until she is ready to ship it to you.  Everything that goes into her products are fresh.

I definitely recommend you contacting Kristen to help yourself feel, and look, years better.  Aromatherapy is a great way to heal most anything.  You can check out the true testimonies from clients that Kristen has worked with in the pas,t they have nothing but praises for the help she has given them with burns, diabetes, and fungus'.
 If you would like to win a free product from Kristen Peters then please enter my giveaway.  She will consult with you to see what you need.  Best of Luck!

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