Apr 26, 2013

Sverve - A Great Pace To Visit

Hey Bloggers! are you looking for a great way to meet other Bloggers and hook up with blogging opportunities from PR people?  If so then you need to visit Sverve.  It is the new, fun way to do all this and more.
I recently signed up to Sverve and I love it!  It is a Pinterest type site with cool pages.  There is even a job board for job opportunities.

How It Works:

Unleash your social verve and manage your social media influence effectively. Sverve gives you a platform to highlight your areas of expertise and earn the credit you deserve. Here’s how:
  • Simply add up to 5 areas of influence on your profile
  • Ask your followers to endorse you
  • Share quality information on the Sverve platform like your latest blog posts and best tips
  • Share frequently
It's very simple to do and I know you will love it!  Share and keep on sharing to build up your score.  As you build up your score you will get more chances at job opps.  It is easy to share and meet other bloggers so come on and join today.
When you sign up please remember me and join my site. All you need to do is give them your blog URL and areas of interest and Bam!  you're on Sverve.
Just click on this invitation and we will become friends on Sverve. Thanks!

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