May 22, 2013

Adventuress Skin Care review


Adventuress is a new skin care line founded by a outdoor enthusiast and passionate motorcyclist, Michele Carter. Michele experienced firsthand how harsh winds and weather can easily damage skin.  With this in mind, she developed Adventuress.
I was allowed to try 2 of Adventuress' skin products for review.  One of these products is the Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes.  These wipes are biodegradable and they shield skin from irritation, rash and redness.

My family and I ride 4-wheelers and when we do, I always get dirt and sweat all over my body. I tried these wipes after a ride this weekend and they really work great!  Other wipes I have tried in the past seemed to dry my skin out and make it chapped.
These Facial Wipes work as a great refresher.  They come in a box of 24 and sell for $22.00    *They also work great for removing makeup.

The other product I reviewed for Adventuress was the YouVee Sunscreen Wipes.  I also used these wipes this weekend and they also worked great.  I burn very easily and I loved having these little wipes on hand.  The packs are small enough to keep in my purse and in the compartment on the 4 wheeler.  I just pulled the top off the packet and placed my finger up under the pocket and then applied it to my arms.  There is no touching the lotion so you will not get it on your hands.   It is all in the wipe.  
The Sunscreen Wipes sell for $24 and come 24 to a box.  Great sunscreen wipes to have on hand to use anytime sunscreen is needed.

Adventuress Skin Care has several more products that you can use to keep your skin looking and feeling wonderful. Visit them online and sign up for their newsletter to keep up with all the good things to come in the skin care line.

*Thanks to Adventuress for allowing me to review their products.
* I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of these products are strictly my own and may not reflect on how you feel about them.

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