May 9, 2013

First At-Home Allergy Test Review/Giveaway


     MyAllergyTest is the first and only available at-home allergy test cleared by the FDA.  This is a simple to use test.  In the box you will find a collection kit that contains everything you need to test yourself, or anyone else, for unknown allergies.  Just make a quick, tiny finger prick to collect a small sample of blood that will be tested against 10 key common allergens.

I tried this test on my grandson who has practically been living on allergy medicine daily.  We wanted to see just what things could be causing him to sneeze and itch so much. The kit comes with everything you need to collect the blood sample.  First, I cleaned his finger with the wipe, then pricked his index finger,(he is 9 years old and really didn't fuss too much about the prick), next I put the blood in the little tube, wrote his name and date on the sample collector and  put a band aid on his finger where the prick was.  It was that easy and fast. You never touch the blood because this kit is just like one they use in a doctor's lab. 

The next thing I had to do was send the sample into their licensed laboratory.  This kit includes the pre-paid and pre-addressed envelope to mail it in.  I received his test results in about 5 days from the time I sent it in. I chose to have the results sent to me via the secure MyAllergyTest website but you can also have them sent by the US mail.  

If you are wondering how accurate this test is,  it is clinically proven to be as accurate as other standard laboratory testing systems. 
You do not have to fast or collect the sample at any certain time of day.  There is also no certain age restrictions on how old you have to be to get tested.

My grandson's allergy report came back with him being allergic to 5 of the 10 common allergens so we are scheduled to see his pediatrician next week.  Thanks to MyAllergyTest we now know more about his allergies.

MyAllergyTest is sold at Walgreens, Walmart, Meijer, and drugstores all across the U.S.   The home tests are covered under Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Please check with your health insurance company to confirm coverage as rules may have changed.  This test costs around $49.95 retail.
I recommend this at-home Allergy Test for several reasons:
1.It is easy as taking a child's temperature (sorta :) )
2.The cost is very reasonable versus going to a specialist to have lots of needles and sticks used.
3.  Easy to find in several main superstores and drugstores
4.You get the results back very quickly
5. When you find out which one's you are allergic too just start leaving this out of your diet or get rid of the pets ect......
Works wonderful and is tested by top of the line lab workers.

I would love to give one of my lucky readers a MYALLERGYTEST so please enter my rafflecopter below and Best of luck!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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