May 15, 2013

Sea Sparkles Mermaid Dolls review/giveaway

Sea Sparkles Mermaid Dolls

Most all little girls love imagining they are princesses, fairies and mermaids.  Thanks to Aurora World they can now play with the beautiful mermaids shown above and other great toys. 
I was given the opportunity to review a Sea Sparkles Mermaid doll.  Her name is Marinna and she has gorgeous, long blonde hair with streakers of pink running through it.  Her tail is sparkly and long. This Marinna Mermaid doll also has a beautiful turquoise jewel in the middle of her top.

There are also different sea creatures to choose from in this Sea Sparkles collection.  The mermaid dolls come in 3 sizes: 10, 18 & 38 inches, plus (4) -  27 inch mermaids.
Prices range from $8 to $70.  The Marinna Mermaid doll that is 18 inchs, size costs $15.00
I love this pretty mermaid doll and I have a feeling the little girl in your life will love one as well.
Aurora Sea Sparkles and other great gifts are sold online.
If you would like to win an 18 inch mermaid doll of your choice, then please enter my rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

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  1. How cute are the Sea Sparkle dolphins too!!!

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