Jun 22, 2013

DoTerra Essiential Oils review/giveaway

DoTerra Essiential Oils

I just began working with the DoTerra Essiential Oils Program and I reviewed my 1st set of 3 oils for My Natural Family. I had Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon oils. The set came with a CD and several lists of things that each one of these oils can do to help you.
Lavender will calm a crying baby by placing a few drops of his pillow,rub the bottom of his feet with and wash his laundry in it. While he sleeps he will feel more calm and sleepy. It is great for Hyperactivity in children also. Lavender is known as the calming oil. This oil is one of the most favored of all oils.

Lemon Oil is another great oil that is known as the great aromatic,topical and internal cleanser. Cleanse your cabinets with a touch of this oil or place drops of it around to diffuse bad odors in a room.
Peppermint Oil is the 3rd oil I tried that came in the set. Use a little peppermint on your toothbrush and as a breathe freshener-works great. Peppermint oil worked great for the nausea my daughter had during her pregnancy. She waved the oil under her nose a few times and the nausea went away. Peppermint oil works wonders for so many different things.
I had something wrong with my hands and the skin was peeling. I applied the Lavender oil to my hands every night and within 2 days I could see a significant change. The skin is not peeling any more and has quit stinging.
Oils have been used for centuries to cure minor to some major aliments. They work on the body mentally as well as physically.
I love this 3 piece set and can't wait to try some of the other oils that DoTerra has.
If you are interested in good, natural health products, then please check out the My Natural Family website.
Right now I have a giveaway going on so you can win one of the Introductory Kits with the 3 oils listed above, a CD that explains how Doterra works and all their wonderful products. The kit has some of the ways to use the oils listed on a card for you to keep. There are also other giveaways going on for this same kit. You can check out some of them here.
The product I reviewed and the giveaway prize, are provided by My Natural Family and will be shipped to the winner My Natural Family. All opinions expressed are my honest opinions and based on my personal experiences. If you own a blog and would like to run a giveaway like this, check out their blogger program.

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