Jun 16, 2013

DropCam Wi-Fi Video Monitoring review/giveaway


   Meet DropCam - the best video monitoring system today.  DropCam allowed me to review their wonderful monitor and you will not believe how easy this system is to hook up and how great it works.  The DropCam can be setup to your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer in a matter of minutes.  Just open the box, connect the camera to your Wi Fi and begin to record.

  The area I live in has been having robberies constantly, my son had a four-wheeler and trailer stolen in broad daylight.  So, when DropCam said I could try their product I was so excited.  No one wants to be robbed, whether it be their home or business and Dropcam can be there to catch it all on video should that happen to you.
  Maybe you have a baby in another room and just want to peek in and know she's safe.  Maybe you are several hundred miles away on vacation and you want to know that your home is protected.  There are many reasons why everyone needs a DropCam.  

  I can't believe how easy it is to use this monitor.  The features are also so awesome, here are just a few:
Night Vision
Two - Way Audio
Bank Level Security
Digital Zoom
Easy Scheduling
Activity Alerts to your Email
  Just turn on you device; computer, iPhone, Android ect... and check on anything you need to be watching over.  It is that easy!  
  DropCam gives you a peace of mind.  Knowing the things, and the one's you love, are being watched over by this video monitor.  DropCam can take the worry away and you will feel safer than ever.
  DropCam sells for only $149.00 and can be bought on Amazon and the DropCam website.
  How would you like to try and win a DropCam?  Enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!


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