Jul 28, 2013

DigestZen Essiential Oil review/giveaway


  doTerra has a complete line of essential oils that can be used for many of your most common health issues to some of the hardest to cure health problems.  Once a month a new oil is introduced to me and I will review it and pass my findings on to you.   doTerra's product for review this month is DigestZen.

 My grandchildren often have tummy troubles and I have IBS - irritable bowel syndrome so I was very anxious to see if DigestZen would help us.  DigestZen can be applied to flex points on the feet and ankles and it can also be rubbed on the stomach.  You can also add a few drops in water to help with food allergies at the beginning of your meal.
 I was very nauseated the other night so I decided to give DigestZen a try.  I rubbed a few drops into my skin around the ankle area.  Within a few minutes the nausea went away.  I was really surprised that it worked so quickly.
  DigestZen is known for working well for stopping abdominal cramps, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and the common stomache.
This product is known for working great on those tummy aches your little one gets quite often.  Just rub a few drops on the tummy area and you should see them feeling better in a little while.
  DigestZen oil worked very well with the problems my family and I had.  I believe you would also be pleased with this product as well. 
 If you would like to see all the products that doTerra offers just check out the MyNaturalFamily.com and while there you can enter giveaways for other products. Click here to visit: http://www.mynaturalfamily.com/natural-health-giveaways/
 I will be offering a lucky reader of mine a chance to win bottle of DigestZen Essiential Oil. Just enter my Rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!

*The product I reviewed and the giveaway prize was provided by My Natural Family and will be shipped to the winner by My Natural Family.  All opinions expressed are my honest opinions based on my personal experiences.  If you own a blog and would like to run a giveaway like this, check out their blogger program.

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