Aug 21, 2013

Amber Baby Teething Friendship Bracelet review/giveaway

Amber Baby Teething Friendship Bracelet

 Amber Baby Teething is a family owned bussiness from Lithuania.  This family makes and sells the finest of handmade Baltic Amber jewelry, chosen from the Baltic Sea.  Together this family makes available to us all, over 400 selections of ecologically handmade necklaces,bracelets and anklets.  Amber Baby Teething wants to ensure that men, women and babies everywhere are getting the best quality of jewelry to make them look good and feel healthy.
 Working on Amber Baby Teething products requires a craft and hard work. Choosing the Amber, polishing the Amber and then arranging these pieces together takes time and careful work. 
 Amber Baby Teething uses:
* Only 100% Baltic Amber
*No Chemicals

  I was asked to review a product from Amber Baby Teething and I chose the Friendship Bracelets in the color Cherry.  These are the most wonderful looking bracelets.  Made from Amber "Nuggets" each chip has a different  feel to it.

 I love these bracelets!  The story for giving one to a friend is as unique as the bracelets themselves.  First you must wear both your bracelets for 7 days, thinking about your friend whom you will give the other one to.  Next, slide both bracelets onto your chosen friends wrists and ask them gently to be your friend.  If they chose to do so then they will place one bracelet back onto your wrist.  If they decide not to be your friend they will pass the bracelets on to someone else.  I love the magic of this story of friendship and showing it by wearing these beautiful Amber beads.
 Amber Baby Teething is a great company that puts so much hard work into what they would like to share with you.  In the Baby Teething Necklaces, to Friendship Bracelets, there are so many colors to choose from of Amber stones.  Polished or Raw, Round or Nugget.

I would love to share one of my Amber Friendship Bracelets with a lucky reader of mine.  I can't hand it to you personally but, if you would like to try and win it in my Rafflecopter that would be awesome.  If you like the bracelet, or any of these gorgeous Baltic Amber pieces, then please feel free to visit this wonderful site online and order today.  I know you will love what you receive.

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  1. I love the idea of their friendship bracelet. It is so cute and it seems that the friendship you will make will be based on commitment. If you wear those bracelets, you will be committed to remain their friend forever. And that is just so cool.


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