Aug 6, 2013

Gun Boss of Tumbleweed - written by L. Ron Hubbard review/giveaway

Book review/giveaway

Originally released in 1949, "Gun Boss of Tumbleweed" is written by L. Ron Hubbard and is now available on audiobook or paperback book.  I reviewed this book by the audio version.  It reminds you of the days when stories were told over the radio and you had to picture the scenes in your mind. I liked listening to it.
"Gun Boss of Tumbleweed" begins with Gar Malone  explaining the latest job to Mart Kincaid.  Mart Kincaid is the fastest gunslinger of his time.  Mart is blackmailed into working for Gar because of information that Gar holds above Mart's head.

"Guns take land," says Gar to Mart," and you must remove the land owners from their property or kill them."  Mart is 25 years old and has been doing the dirty work for Gar Malone for 5 years.  Mart is tired of living this life.
As Mart travels into Singing Canyon he meets more than just land owners, he meets the Drake family and they have a beautiful daughter named Sally.  Mart knows now he is through with killing for Gar Malone.
After Malone tries to burn the Drake's off their land. Mart decides to hunt down Gar and make him pay.  Mart finds Gar and the gunfight begins.  In the end Mart Kincaid has done the last bad deal for Gar Malone.
Mart is offered a home with the Drakes and as he looks at Sally he decides that is exactly what he will do.

This audio book was very easy to listen to.  I just popped it in my computer and listened through my headphones.  The story is plainly told with music and all.  The characters can be easily understood and I really enjoyed the book.
There is also another audio book included titled, "Blood On His Spurs" which is a shorter story from the same era as the other book.
The book was also included in my review and the pages were easy to read.
If you like westerns the you need to check out L. Ron Hubbard's collection of cowboys and outlaws books.  
The paper back book sells for $9.95 and the 2 set Audibook sells for $12.95
This was a really good book.

If you would like to win this paperback book or the audio book just enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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